Modern Review  October  1953
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Modern Review October 1953




is there in spite of the Plan " Pointing to the fact that the Five Year Plan had been put forward by the Government as their chief plank for the recovery of the national economy he urges upon the Government to hasten the implementation of their accepted policies laid down in the Plan. [...] collar and necktie." This system which was one of the root causes of the ruin of the common man in the streets and in the fields hsa persisted though the British Raj has departed. [...] Sugar Policy Muddle Vivck writes in the Bombay Chronicle that the extent of the "folly and riahneas" of the sugar policy of the Government of India. [...] 1 7 ratified by the Senate in Washington and the South Korean farlianont declared that an aimed :Mark in the piratic area on either of the signatories would be legarded as dangerous to the peace and safety of the other and both 'would net to rivet the rnmtunn danger"' The U. S. A. would have the right to stition troops in S►uth Korea. [...] Rama Srinivatan Preeident of the Karikal Youth Congress which stands for the merger of the French India settlements with the Indian Union was bodily carried away into the French limit!' of Karikaon the evening of September 2 by a group of adherent* of the Socialist Party which is in slower In French India." The report addi that the family of Mr.

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