Modern Review  September  1953
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Modern Review September 1953




Aftii him there are the instances of tens of thousands of the martyrs to the cause of freedom of the fatherland; tlio made the supreme sacrifice staunch of heart and Of faith. [...] Serious shortcomings in the handling of the economy of the State during the past five years had led to some violent dislocations in a number of trades and professions resulting in unemployment and undeemployment and heavy fall in the standard of living of the people. [...] had submitted on July 15 a memorandum to Prime Minister Nehru on the eve of his departure for Wilts with the Pik Premier at Karachi drawing his attention to the wrong inclusion in Pakistan of a portion of Sylhet district adjacent to tike north of the State of Tripura and having a non-Muslim majority The memorandum had urged the Premier to examine the matter and to "see that the portion of the te [...] The object of the project is to determine the economic feasibility of the recovery and processing of lignite in the South Arcot District in the State of Madras. [...] The terms of reference of the Commission are as follows : (a) To examine and enquire into the operations of the tiers in the jute industry and trade from the grower of raw jute to the seller of jute goods : (b) to examine and enquire into the factors which determine the return to the grower of raw jute for his product and the part played in it by the cost and the adequacy or othewise of transpo

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