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Modern Review August 1953


This time the stench of the mud reached even the inner recesses of private homes because tilwa of the newspapers liberally plastered their pages with the foul muck that WAS being flung about in the streets and the parks and maidens by the disruptionists demagogues and the unemployed. [...] The worsening of the budgetary position of the Government sector was due mainly to the steep fall in tax revenues during 195253 and to the stepping up of the development expenditure of the public sector in accordance with the targets set in the Five-Year Plan. [...] An important development duing the year was the change in respect of devolution of taxes and grants-in-aid to the State Governments as a result of the acceptance by the Government of India of the recommendations of the Finance Commission. [...] In the opinion of the newspaper therefore "what seems required urgently is the widespread intrduction of cheap but effective method of manufacture of gur in attractive and clean forms and the marketing of the product in a manner which would increase the number of consumers." The price of tope being what it is there should be no difficulty in disposing of the gur if the price is as low. [...] The first collision between the leadership and the rank and file of the U. P. Socialist Party occurred at the Musaffarnapr Conference in 1949 when the leadiship suffered a reverse as its nominees lost in the battle of ballots over the election of the new executive.
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