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Modern Review July 1953


Governineat of Ohms The Twee Parliamentary eorregiskot much signiflource was attae hed to the 1=2 accorded by all the hombre to the importance of the Bum Caul and the U. K. pulley upon it. [...] The first was that the long.term problem of dollar Amiga could be soloed only by increasing the sterling area's production of conunialitic that the dollar area was likely to demand in increasing wining: and aim of the commodities that the 'trifling arra traditienall► bought from the dollar countries. [...] Sugar Scandal The Won of sugar industry in independent India is plainly full of meddles and scandals on the part of the GIVI711111011 of the eetmtey—pet to speak of the few handful of prodseers who are Whin more slum wore"a NOT ES 5 11. Walt 15161411C 61 11 INA.11101 If ff. [...] U. In the errs put of 1(42 the re was plriity ul sugar in the market and the lime oa. [...] It is raid that at the beginning of the oaten the stocks of sugar stood at 500 000 tons and at no time during the season the demand was higher than the supply.
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