Modern Review June  1953
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Modern Review June 1953




The Congresa Working Committee expressed the view that this procedure was completely opposed 'to the manner in which the Congress and the PCCe should approach any problem.' The Committee also had in view the recent react. [...] The resolution added that such an approach was slot only likely to lead to harmful results 'but was likely to create conflict and illwiU and to delay the rev:pulsation desired.' While deploring the efforts at forcing the pace of the formation of linguistic States the Working Comittee welcomed the steps taken in regard to the formation of Andhra. [...] It welcomed the proposal to appoint the commission 'after the establishment of Andhra State.' The commision while considering the reorganisation of States would take into account as laid down in the Hyderabad resolution 'not only cultural and linguistic matters but also other important factory such as the preservation of the unity of India national amity and defences administrative and fin [...] the Commit* spent its accumulated choler on the Jammu agitatket as follows: "The resolution on Jammu agitation charseteneel the agitation as representing 'an attempt on the p1 11 of the moat reactionary bigoted and cominvia elements to obstruct the economic and social prom* of the country to which the reactionary vested inure* represented by the communal organisations too oppooed.' 'Reaction and [...] Srikri'hna Sinha Chief initiated the debate thus: That this liou-t' do procrcd to (Nprcs4 it i viv upon the reference made Lv the Government of India through the State Gvorrnment of Bihar on the sujoined resolution passed by the West Bengal Legllative Assembly namely 'This kesembly is of opinion that in order to solve the problem of rehabilitation of the refugees from Eastern Pakistan an

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