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Modern Review March 1953


If those flood-gates are opened through the ntiitetteas of the Government then the millions of bales of unsold Pak jute would swamp the small farmer as well and bring ruin and disaster to the toiling WINO= in the fields de pate all that the nimblwitted corrupt officialdom may say at the instigation of the profiteers. [...] The talks have centred round the question of the demilitarization of the area and the number of troops each side should be permitted to main during the holing of a plebiscite to determine Kashmir's future status. [...] These wile : (1) the distribution le tween the rnion and the States of the net prom& of taxes whirl are to be or may be divided between them and the allocation between the State of the respertive Pharrm of purl' pioreeds ; (2) the principle% whirl Alimikl govern the grants-in-aid of the it.v1.1111014 of the Sluice nut of the total eINVnues of the Centre ; and MI the continuance or tnoclitiea [...] Taking a broad view of the poitien the Comission recommends that 20 per cent of the States' dilate of the divisible pool of income-tax should be distiibuted among the States' on the Galas of the reltive collections of States and 80 per rent on the basis Of their relative population at-mobil.: to the census of 1261. [...] Economic Co-operation in the E. European Countries A. Stepanov writes in the News and Views from the Soviet Union that the cad of the second World War saw the duntegration of single alksobraeing world market and in its place the creation of two world marketa facing one another—one consisting of the Soviet Union China and the Eastern European Democracies ; the other consisting of the rest of the
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