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Modern Review September 1946




By nighfall of the loth the city was transformed into an Inferno resounding with the cries of the dying and wounded and the fierce battle-cries of the attackers and defenders. [...] Indeed excepting furthe pros repors of the interviews of a few of the leaders with the Governor the people of Calcutta had no reason to be even aware of the exitence of the Congress during the first few fateful days. [...] One is the strange pithy of the police towards Hindu suffering and the isinclination of the keepers of Law and Order to can the Military until the tables had been turned. [...] it is e.ssential in the opinion of the Committee that a thorough inquiry in held by an impartial tribunal which can coimind the confidence of the public into the eireumstances preceding August 16 the incidents that duty and :hi' following days and the steps token by the Government both before and during the riots to meet the situation. [...] The basic form and the grouping of the province! in Para 19 of the document and the formation of the Interim Government.


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