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Modern Review June 1942




C. C. Resolution The following is the text of the main resoltion which was passed at the last session of the All-India Congress Committee: In view of the imminent peril of invasion that confronts India and the attitude of the British Governient as shown again in the recent proposala sponaored by Sir Stafford Cripp= the All-India Congress Commitee haai to declare 'areal Indin's policy an [...] The success of such a policy of non-co-operation and non-violent resistance to the invader will ' Tidy depend on the intensive working out of the Congress constructive programme and more especially the prgramme of self-sufficiency and self-protection in all paste of the country. [...] So the probablities are that the Indian people's co-operation with the Government's war effort may ensure the defeat of the aggressors as also the consoldation of British imperialism in India whilst on the other hand the people's non-co-operation with the Government's war effort may ensure victory to the aggressor's arms and the establish. [...] " In exercise of the powers conferred by Clause (B) of Sub-rule (1) of Rule 41 of the Defence of India Risks the Central Government is pleased to prohibit the printing or publication by any printer publisher or editor in British India of the whole or any portion of the resolution of the Working Committee of the Indian National Conigrpoi adopted at Allahabad on the 28th April 1942 beginning w [...] of the Allied Powers under the stress of modern war reducing the gulf of difference between the rich and the poor will not be too late in arriving in India because though the Government %ere is slower than the snail Japan the enemy has established a rcord in swiftness The Government and our nationalist Wert eonthivallyurge the masses to 'Offer -reditanee to invaders inAgi ppm* ways if the


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