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Modern Review December 1910




I have undetaken to write this series of articles in order to give the general reader a rough idea of the results so far achieved by the Society spheres of its field of activity and the bearing of them on the momentous question of man's survival of bodily death. [...] This question and the possibility 1 will not say eel ghosts walking but of the dead appeaing to the living were subjects of much speculation ; and we actually committed the folly of drawing up an agreement written with our own blood to the effect that whichever of us died the first should appear to the other and thus solve the doubts we had entertained of the life after death." After we [...] The very cautious conclusion of the Sidgwick Committee on the apparitions of the dead is as follows — "We have found that the distribution apparitions before at and after the death eil the person seen affords some argument for !Ay continuity of Psychical life and the possiblity of comunication from the dead. [...] "If" he says in his Presidential address to the British Association "telepathy takes place we have two physical facts-- the physical change in the brain of.4 the suggester and the analogous physical change in the brain of B the recipient of the suggestion. [...] Society taxes itself to provide the money necessary to pay for the detection of crime and the apprehension and conviction of the criminal and his imprisonment %%Inch in other words means the upkeep of the police magisterial and jail establishments.


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