Records of the Geological Survey of India  1953
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Records of the Geological Survey of India 1953




Examined the manganese deposits of the Central Provinces and returned from the field on the 12th March 1940. [...] Carried out geological survey in the Nagpur and Chhindwara districts ; advised the Curator Central Museum Nagpur on the re-organisation of the geological section and returned to headquarters on the 28th April 1940. [...] The bulk of Part I was occupied by the General Report for the preceding year containing the disposition of officers a review of the activities of the Department at headquarters"PART 1] KRISHNAN : General Report 1940. [...] During the years of war the method adopted for the presentation of the same subject matter consisted of the reduction in size of the Records to Royal Octavo the discontinuance of the system of publishing Records in 4 parts and the issue of each individual paper separately under the title of ' Professional Papers ' numbered serially from Prfessional Paper No. [...] In addition to the large number of specimens collected by the officers of the Department the following specimens were received and incoAdditions to porated in the collections of the Geological Survey the collections.

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