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Indian Education




The Commissioners refer in eulogistic terms to the growth of the efficiency of the Civil Service since the establishment of the competitive system of recruiting its ranks. [...] At present the Administrative Class (or as it is now called Class I) forms part of the establishment of sixteen public departments the more important of which are the Treasury the Home Office the Colonial Office the Board of Trade the Local Government Boards the Admiralty and the War Office and the Revenue Departments. [...] This practice of viva voce examination was cotinued until the year 1891 when it was abandoned apparently owing to the increase in the number of subjects included in the revised syllabus of examination and to the increase in the number of candidates caused by the raising of the age limit. [...] One result of the policy adumbrated in the report of the Royal Commission on the Civil Service may be the sweeping away of many existing examinations and the substitution for them of a more unified system of examination which would have a more preponderating influence upon the whole of secondary education than is exerted by the existing medley of tests It may well be that the outcome of this chan [...] The very fact that he studied the laws of falling bodies and opened the eyes of his fellow-citizens to them even at the sacrifice of his prospects and in defiance of the authority of the Pope shows how important the subject is.



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