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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India November 1927




The current of spiritual purposiveness that flows in and through the daily life of the household and the unalienable faith in the Spiritual and the Transcendental as life's ultimate goal more than compensate for the loss of roance. [...] It is foolish to hope to indulge the cravings of the flesh and at the same time enjoy the bliss of the spirit. [...] It is in the subjective aspect the transcedence of body and minconsciousness and in the objective aspect the perception of God face to face and of the universe as God himself. [...] The only argment of any value that has been advanced to describe the real nature of the relation of the Gopis to Krishna is the psychlogical argument that that relation was only an allegorical representation of the relation of the senses to the Self thus making it evident that any cult of devotion that may be raised upon the sexual nature of the relation of Krishna to the Gopis may be raise [...] Both the Sandilya and the Narada quote the Bhagavadgita freely and in that respect supply us with the connecting link between the Bhagavadgita on the one hand and the later Bhakti literature on the other.


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