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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India


Indeed the manYness of the souls in struggle the uniformity of their advance from nothingness to `somethingness' assures us again of the truth of the ascent and the possibility of a total liquidation of the Dark Abyss of its darkness which unfortunately has been identified with death doom and nothingness out of fear of relapse and with Ignorance. [...] On the choice of either the one or the other depends the diintegration of the organic or the evolution of the organic to its inevitable fullness or pefection. [...] It can explain the plunge into nothingness the Ignorance the primeval Prakriti the tremendous multiplicity the unpredictable of the Absolute Spirit which takes on the multplicity inherent in Nature or nothingness or the eternal feminine fecund and thus weaves the organic in the evolutionary progress tranforming transfiguring the many in the scheme of growing unity losing nothing aban [...] Here is.the actual unity of the past and the future in the present the unity of matter and spirit (or soul) the unity of even the processes of anaboli.m and catabolism of the physical and the psychical in the physilogical. [...] The Hebrew Bible and the New Testament the poems of Homer the fables of Aesop and the plays of Shakespeare are of cosmopolitan interest.
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Letters of Swami Shivananda
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Reminiscences of the Holy Mother
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Man : Creator or Destroyer?
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Historical Causality Versus Relevancy
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Freedom in the History of Evolution
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Ancient Indian Literature and World Literature
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God : A Rational Approach
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A Forlorn Chapter of Indian History
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The Vedantic Conception of Brahman as Sachchidananda
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