Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India
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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India




Applying this invarable principle to the world of phenomena we find that the mountain comes from the sand and goes back to the sand the river comes out of the vapour and goes back to the vapour and the bird gives rise to the egg and the egg the bird. [...] The unity behind diversity and the reality of the former and the unreality of the latter become evident when the individual ovecomes false identification of the Self with the non-Self transcends the ego and realizes that Brahman alone is real and that the multplicity created by the Upadhis is transient and so unreal. [...] On the relative plane the values satisfy the hunger and thirst for knowledge goodness and beauty which supersede the biological appetites; and the s%irit of Tan projects itself into an absolute plane where the values find their unity in an Ideal of ideals—the Supreme Reality which is the true the good and the beautiful or to use the Indian terms which is Reality Intelligence and Joy. [...] PHILOSOPHY OF DUTY IN THE BHAGAVAD GITA BY M. V. BHIDE On the eve of the Great War between the Kauravas and the Pandavat as described in the Mahabhdrata the well-known epic of India Arjuna—the leader of the Pandava army—was suddenly overwhelmed with djection at the prospect of the huge slaughter of his near and dear kinsmen when he saw them drawn up in battle array staking their lives and [...] The author of the portion of the Gita subsequent to verse 38 of Chapter II wanted evidently to give a philosophic setting to the preceding advice given by Sri Krishna to Arjuna according to the prevailing philosophic doctrines of his time and begins the expostion of his philosophy 1337 representing it to be in continuation of the preceding advice— which he 'says was in accordance with the San

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