Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India
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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India




This almost wide and insolent exhibition of cutural aristocracy widened the gulf between the rich and the poor the educated and the uneducated and the strong and the weak. [...] But he should not be content with contemplating the beauty of the ocean of the mountains and of the clouds the mastepieces of the artists and the poets the"318 PRABUDDHA BHARATA August majestic constructions of philosophical thought the mathematical formulas which expiess natural laws. [...] The hero's death the martyr's sacrifice will always have their appeal but through them all what shine mEst are the moral and spiritual qualities of men the invicible spirit of man that weapons cannot touch love of country sense of high chivalry stern sense of doing the right in scorn of consquences the fulfilling of plighted pledges the rescue of the weak and the helpless the rpa [...] What I want to bring out and particularly emphasize is that this human aspect of litrature which the poet Tagore called 'the Religion of Man' can produce in us the spirit of internationalism in the best sense of the word provided of course the feeling is genrated in us in our early stages of education through the proper training of the ear and the eye and the hands and heart all together [...] With the peace that pervades the earth the sky the starry heavens the326 PRABUDDHA BHARATA August water the plants and trees with the peace that dwells with the guardian spirits of the world and in the divinity within us let us tranquillize things fierce and cruel and evil into the serene and the good.

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