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THE HUMAN SITUATION IN THE ATOMIC AGE BY THE EDITOR It is a.long way from the savages and the troglodytes of old to the sodistint worthies of modern civilization. [...] Notwithstanding the threat of imminent and extensive destruction of life and property that atomic weapons hold out the human situation demands not the suicidal cessation of scientific research but the appling of the discoveries of science to the best of man's ability and wisdom. [...] While science gives us the tools and the technique to con quer external Nature religion teaches us the method of mastering the more subtle motive powers that control the passions feelings and will of mankind Without the conquest of the inner man none could be sure of making full and proper use of the vast potentialities of Nature. [...] Modern India like ancient India is once more revealing to the world the fact that material achievements and spiritual culture can go hand in hand and that the integration of the values of religion and the achievements of science can act not merely as a bulwark of peace but as a positive focus of limitless creative activity in the iterests of world understanding. [...] Now to the question of the independence of 325o FRABIJDDHA BHARATA June the empirically known world: Can it be like the independence of the dream-objects one that is bestowed and can be withdrawn along with the contents of the dreams that appears to be the other?
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Letters of Swami Turiyananda
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The Human Situation in the Atomic Age
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Religion in the New India
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Thoughts on Swami Vivekananda’s Poetry
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The Idea of Creation
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Sundara Dasa on Advaita
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A Pilgrimage Through the Himalayas
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Guru The Spiritual Preceptor
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A Comparative Study of the Commentaries on the Brahma-Sutras
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Reviews and Notices
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