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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India


The spiritual discoveries of the Aryans coming down from the age of the Arariyakas and the Upanishads had left an indelible impression on the Indian mind giving the Aryg n society in and around the Gangetic valley a solid background of spiritual idealism. [...] In the first watch of the night he attained the knowledge of his previous births; in the middle watch his wisdom blossomed; in the last watch of the night rose the Supreme Knowledge and his purified intellect fathomed the endless chain of flux that life is. [...] The goal of life according to Buddha is Nirvana the transcendence of all suffering and the tranformation of the personality and not iprovement of the world. [...] History testifies though in a meagre way 0 the peaceful and progressive character of the social life of communities in the India of the past who adhered to the ends and the means formulated by the spirtual seers of the land. [...] 'One should renounce one's own (self-interest) for the sake of the family the family for the ommunity„ the community for the nation and the whole world for the sake of the Atman (the Supreme Self)'.
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193-195 Vandanananda view
Reminiscences of the Holy Mother
195-197 Kumud Sen view
“Ye Suffer from Yourselves None Else Compels”
197-201 Vandanananda view
Buddha’s Path to Perfection
201-206 Brahmachari Ramachaitanya view
The Problem of Problems
207-210 M.S. Deshpande view
The Conversion of Sariputra and Maudgalyayana
210-212 Radhagovinda Basak view
The “Deepening of the Sense of Duration” in Henry Bergson’s Philosophy
212-217 Albert Mendonca, S.J. view
A Pilgrimage Through the Himalayas
217-220 Apurvananda view
A Comparative Study of the Commentaries on the Brahma-Sutras
220-223 Vireswarananda view
Notes and Comments
223-225 unknown view
Reviews and Notices
225-229 unknown view
News and Reports
230-232 unknown view

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