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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India


He realized that unity which sails across the barriers of time and space the frontiers of countries and oceans which rends the veil between the animate and the inanimate beween the real the ideal and the illusory. [...] The impact of the modern age and the political confusion of the time produced a crisis of ideals that was inviting the young men of India to adopt the supeficial way of life which asks for nothing better in the face of danger and transition than adaptation and surrender at the cheapest price. [...] He lives today among his missionaries in the four corners of the world who have dedicated their lives in social service for suffeing humanity in healing the sick in helping the mother in educating the child in nursing the orphan in bringing food to the hungry and hope to the despairing and above all he lives in the hearts of millions of men and women of different nations of different co [...] It awakens in him the faith in the rhythm of the universe and establishes firmly in his mind at any rate in the initial stages the belief in the existence of Almighty God governing the conduct of the universe. [...] Prakrti (supreme nature); in the Raudra alphabet by the name Krodhiga (Lord of the angry); and in the Säkta alphabet by the thumb of the right hand of the Goddess For 1953 THE TANTRIC CULTS i7t the Mantras connected with Visnu Siva and Sakti it is said the respective alphabets should be employed.
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Letters of Swami Turiyananda
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Responsibilities and Privileges in a Planned Society
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The Significance of the Message of Sri Ramakrishna
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The “Deepening of the Sense of Duration” in Henri Bergson’s Philosophy
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Image Worship
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The Tantric Cults
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A Pilgrimage Through the Himalayas
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The Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta
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Yoga and Stature of Being
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A Comparative Study of the Commentaries on the Brahma-Sutras
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