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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India


The anodyne for the malady with which the human situation suffers today has to be found in Vedanta the most daring proclamtion of the truth of the unity of all existence and of the imperishable divinity that is present in all beings. [...] The spontaneous martyrdom of these brave children of the soil for the libertion of the country fAm the tentacles of alien authority is but the living testimony of yesteday. [...] Today while standing on the threshold of a New Era we are transported back in imgination to the golden days of the past when the soul of India embodied as it were in the radiant personality of Nachiketa—the wondechild of the Kathopanisad began its historic quest from the old world to the new for the discovery of the ultimate end of human detiny. [...] The seeming conflict between physical and itellectual and emotional activity on the one hand and inner spiritual quiescence on the other is capable of being resolved in the kind of Karma-Samadhi envisaged in the Gila it has been rightly stressed often that the Gita does not preach a single Yoga but that it is a synthesis of the several spiritual paths that lead to the realization of the Spiri [...] Thus the general contour of the top to the entr ce which is very imposing and the.mi shrine at the farthest end of the long hall presents a picture of the usual type of late medieval temples of Bengal ‘eith curvedSIDE-VIEW FROM THE EAST SHOWING THE SCALLOPED ARCH TYPE AND RAJPUT STYLOARCH4TECTURE.
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Letters of Swami Turiyananda
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Vedanta and the Problem of Human Relations
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The Voice of India
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The Conception of History in Ancient India
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Sri Ramakrishna Temple at the Belur Math
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Ramakrishna Mission Tuberculosis Sanatorium
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A Comparative Study of the Commentaries on the Brahma-Sutras
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Literature and World Peace
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Some Positive Aspects of Advaita Vedanta
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Religion and Science
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Notes and Comments
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Reviews and Notices
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News and Reports
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