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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India


"If our young men wish to win the respect and admiration of tilg world let them draw their inspiration from the wonderful life of the Swamiji who was not only a seer and the greatest standarhearer of Vedantism in the East and the West but the very impersonation of all that is great and noble in life."—A. [...] 2597 : Residence: Park 107 Telegram : "GHOSHONS" APPLY FOR CATALOGUE TO THE AGENTS:— & SONS 1611 Radha Bazar Street CALCUTTA a/e2.1 A2lef/tehi f The first fourth of a man's income buys existence ; the second quarter a few comforts ; the third quarter lets him spread a bit ; the fourth quarter-should be used to guarantee the first quarter and as much as possible of the second and the third. [...] 3. The intimation of the chance of address for the period of three months or over should reach us by the 20th of the preceding month : for a shorter period arrangements should be made with the local Post Office. [...] Late that night not hearing any devotional music Mahapurushji sent for the Sadhus and said to them : ' Tonight is the great night of the ninth phase of the moon a time of great joy. [...] The Brahmin represents the head the Kshatriya the trunk the Vaishyas the thighs and the Shudras the leg.
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i-22 Yogeshwarananda view
Conversations with Swami Shivananda
105-108 Yogeshwarananda view
Religion and Caste
109-114 Yogeshwarananda view
The Life of Swami Shivananda
114-118 Vividishananda view
Yoga and Psycho-Analysis
119-126 Kumar Pal view
The Future of Religion
127-129 Pavitrananda view
Noakhali and Tippera—an Afterthought
129-132 Gambhirananda view
Some Stray Thoughts on Religion
133-135 Mehta Ranjitmal view
135-136 Haranath Sahaya view
Causality and Spirituality
136-138 S. P. Tayal view
Notes and Comments
138-140 Yogeshwarananda view
Reviews and Notices
140-142 Yogeshwarananda view
News and Reports
142-144 Yogeshwarananda view

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