Indian Cricket  Almanack for 1951-52
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Indian Cricket Almanack for 1951-52




They carry the nation's food from the surplus to the deficit areas and from the ports to the interior they transport raw materials and fuel from their sources to the industrial centres they distribute the finished products among the cities and villages and they move the exportable commodities to the ports from their vast hinterlands. [...] The Railways are determined to play the game and thereby contribute to the nation's prosperity. [...] SOUTHERN RAILWAYPREFACE I HAD the good fortune to tour England last summer with the Indian Cricket Team as the Special Correspondent of The Hindu and Sport & Pastime. [...] Since from the beginning of the tour I took the view that it was a very young and inexperienced side that was making the trip my approach to the subject is more apprciative than critical. [...] C. the secretaries of county clubs and the cricket writers of England especially the mebers of the Press Association for their kind coperation.

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