cover image: Survey of India. General Report  1936  from 1st October 1935 to 30th September 1936



Survey of India. General Report 1936 from 1st October 1935 to 30th September 1936


Detailed accounts are given of the-Base-line measurements of the reduction of the Geodetic Triangulation treated in five portions of the early Pendulum observations of Telegraphic Longitude and Astronomical Latitude operations of Tidal observations and of Levelling of high precision. [...] Geodesy means the investigation of the size shape and structure of the earth and the geodetic work of the department consists of primary (or geodetic).- triangulation latitude longitude and gravity determinations. [...] Administration is in the hands of the Surveyor General under the Education Health and Lands Department of the Government of India. [...] Boundary Survey.— At the instance of the Government of Bombay and of the Agent to the Governor General in Ritjputana the demarcation of two disputed portions of the Sind-Jaisalmer boundary was undertaken on payment. [...] 5 During May and June 1935 the expedition explored the area lying in the treat bend of the Shyok river between the junctions of that river with the Nubra and Galwitn thus connecting up with the area explored by the Visser expeditions of 1929 and 1930.
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