Memoirs of the Archæological Survey of India. Panchālas and Their Capital Ahichchhatra
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Memoirs of the Archæological Survey of India. Panchālas and Their Capital Ahichchhatra




According to the Jaina Vividha-tirtha-kalpa Sariikhyavati was the earlier name of Ahichchhatra described as the capita] of Kurjahgala.3 As for the origin of the name of Ahichchhatra Cunningham observes : The name is written Ahikshetra4 as well as Ahichchhatra but the local legend of the Adi-raja and the Naga who formed a canopy over his head when asleep shows that the latter is the corre [...] We are indeed told -that the significance of the two adjectives ' Uttara (Northern) and Dakshina (Southern) lay in the fact that the northern half of Pifichala forming a separate kingdom was situated to the north of or extended along the northern bank of the Ganges and the southern half was situated to the south of or extended along the southern bank of the Ganges. [...] As for Ahichchhatra the Jaina account wrongly represents it as the capital of Kuru-jittikala 6 which is clearly distinguished in the MaMbhetrata from the proVince of Ahichehhatra.6 Cunningham may be right in suggesting that the great kingdom of Pafichäla as a whole extended from the Himalayas to the Chambal river.' The North Pafichtila embraced the whole of Rohilkhand to the north of the Gange [...] 13 9"6 PAS-CHUAN ANDD THEM CAPITAL AHICHCHHATRA and Jumna.' Rapson however identifies North PafichEila with the districts of the United Provinces to the east of the Ganges and north-eaSt of Oudh and South Pahchäla with the country between the Jumna and the Ganges to the east and south-east of the Kurus and giirasenas.2 Cunningham identifies the city of Kampilya with modern Kampil on the old Ga [...] I incline rather to assign the coins to a local dynasty of Princes as they are very rarely found beyond the limits of the North PafichErla. which would not be the case did they belong to the paramount dynasty of the Sungas."2 The relegation of the Mitras of the coins to Ahichchhatra or North Pafichala is now out of the question in the face of the clear evidence of the Pabhosä cave inscription of

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