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The Indian Annual Register An Annual Digest of Public Affairs of India. January - June 1934




April 74 Non-Official Resolutions 74,80,82,83 The Reserve Bank Bill 11 . 75 Railway Budget . 76 The Tariff Bill passed 79 Debate on Railway Budget 79 Official Bills 11111 80,82,87 General Discussion of Budget 80 Debate on the Finance Bill 84 The Princes' Protection Bill 85 . The Textile Protection Bill 86 PROCEEDINGS OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY 89 Budget Session—New Delhi-24th. [...] League's Reply to Hindu Mahasabha :—The reply sent by the League of 'Nations to the Hindu Mahasabha regarding the latter's representation in confor- mity with the resolutions passed at the Ajmere session of the Mahasabha clarified the League's legal commitments in the matter of protection to the Minorities. [...] There is no provision in the League's Covenant which would admit the extension of rights and responsibilities of the Council in connection with the protection of minorities in any country not covered by such treaties or declarations, except as the result of official governmental initiative and the consent of the government concerned. [...] A report from the United Provinces to the Government of India sta- ted that the earthquake was most severe in the eastern portion of the province. [...] A subscription fund for the relief of the victims of the earthquake was opened in Paris under the auspices of the Union Internationale Swears.


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