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Lectures on Indian Railway Economics Railway Management




VIL The wheels of rolling stock are made with flanges to prevent the wheels from leaving the track and the following is a diagram of wheels on rails the flanges or the former sink inside the inner sides of two rails. [...] The change of direction commences from 4-the point where the tongue of the moving or the point rails touches the stock rails and the transfer is completed whenythe vehicle or train has passed over the crossings at the other end of the point rail. [...] X. eLf In this ease the rod has been pulled and the points are set for the divergent line, but f the lever that pulls the rod is thrown back the points will be reset for the through lines, Fig. [...] With the help of a calculated speed table, a set square or a parallel ruler and pencils, the the timetable between stations eau be drawn out on the chart: The time occupied by trains between stations depend on- (1) Grades. —Suppose the grade is stcep in the up diree. [...] 114:n. ,lan41 and ill America, it is, one 401 the important part of the business of the railways to collect, good s# and to bring them to the railway gooih: sheds in carts and also to deliver goods at the doors of consignees, but in India.


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