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The Minister of Health (Rajkumari Amrit Kaur): Sir, the question of giving medical facilities to Class IV servants of the Government of India was taken up by the Cabinet and sanc- tioned by them but the scheme was held up owing to the fact that the Delhi State came into existence and there was some point of disagreement between the Central Government and the Delhi State Government. [...] Now the question is again under the considera- tion of the Union Public Service Com- mission which has advertised for the doctors to look after the people and the matter will shortly be finalised. [...] Shri Kidwai: So long as the market price is higher than the Agreement price, we will get it from exporting countries under the Wheat Agreement at 2. 05 dollars but if the price in the open market is lower than the maxi- mum price then we will purchase at the prevailing price in the market. [...] D. C. Sharma: Will the Minister of Food and Agriculture be pleased to state: (a) the amount-of aid sought by the State of the Punjab for the installation of tube-wells in the State; and (b) the aid sanctioned and made available to the State so far? [...] D. C. Sharing,: Is it a fact that some of the Doctors in the Punjab have circularised to the Members of the Association of Doctors that they should not join the panel system?
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