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Shri Bansal: Will the Minister of Communications be pleased to state: (a) the names of the parties with which Government have arrived at agreements for the sale of postal franking machines, and the terms and conditions of such agreements: (b) what steps have been taken by Government to ensure that the cost of the machine and maintenance charges charged by these dealers and their agents are fair; a [...] The terms and conditions are shown in the copies of the agreement placed on the table of the House. [...] The advertisements were in The Hindu of Madras, The Amrit Bazar Patrika, The Bombay Chronicle, The Hindus- tan Times. [...] The functions of these new committees are very much the same as the func- tions of the old Advisory Committees, with the difference that, with the co- operation of the Railway Depart- ment and these committees, we want to make them more effective to pro- vide efficient service. [...] Shri Heda: In view of the fact that the gur production depends upon the fixation of sugarcane price, which is done by the Central Government, do Government consider this aspect of the matter and decide the Govern, ment policy?
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