Parliamentary Debates House of the People  Official Report
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Parliamentary Debates House of the People Official Report




Shri S. N. Das: May I know the distance of the nearest police outpost from where the incident occurred, and may I also know the time taken by the Indian police to go to the spot? [...] (b) A statement giving the demands of the workers and the terms of settle- ment arrived at, is laid on the Table of the House. [...] Keskar: It is too early to eva- luate the expenditure because the starting of the bulletins really means the addition of two or three persons to carry on the work of the pro- gramme. [...] Shri Dabhi: May I know whether it is a fact that the principal cause of the rise in prices of edible oils is the pur- chase and stocking of groundnut seed in large quantities on behalf of vanas- pati manufacturers and the over-esti- mate by Government of production of oil seeds in the country and their ex- port to foreign countries on the basis of this over-estimate. [...] What is the meaning of his saying that it is the order of the day" with reference to the west coast?

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