cover image: Census of India 1951. Uttar Pradesh. Part I-A—Report



Census of India 1951. Uttar Pradesh. Part I-A—Report


DANTS—Cultivators of owned land—self-supporting persons earning and non--earning dependants—pecentage of persons returning secondary means of livelihood—secondary moans of livelihood of workers self-supporting persons—secondary means of livelihood of self-supporting persons of Classes I and la of 1951 compared with those of earners of 1931—proportion of earning dependants to self-supporting p [...] Percentage of area and population in grades of percentage variation of rural population by natural divisions 1941-50.............. 128 105. [...] Females per 1 000 males in the rural population of the State and the natural divisions by distance of birthplace................ 134 108. [...] Distribution of 10 000 persons of agricultural Livelihood Class I among self-supporting persons earing and non-earning dependants by natural divisions.... 228 198 Distribution of 10 000 persons of each sex of agricultural Livelihood Class I in different age-groups by natural divisions............ 229 199. [...] Distribution of 1 000 self-supporting displaced persons of each livelihood class according to the nature of their secondary means of livelihood............ 436 400.
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Chapter I— General Population
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Chapter II— Rural Population
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Chapter III— Urban Population
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Chapter IV— Agricultural Classes
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Chapter V— Non-Agricultural Classes
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Chapter VI— Families Sexes and Principal Age-Groups
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Chapter VII— Literacy Education and Language
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Chapter VIII— Religion and Special Groups
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Chapter IX— Non-Indian Nationals
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Chapter X— Displaced Persons
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Chapter X— Unemployment
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