Gazetteer of the Darjeeling District
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Gazetteer of the Darjeeling District




On the south the District is bounded by the Jalpaiguri District of Bengal from the Khumani Forest on the east to the village of Phansidewa on the Mahanadi river and westward of Phansidewa by the Purnea District of Bihar. [...] The colour and the coldness of the latter are no doubt due to the number of glaciers drained by it : while the Rangit is chiefly supplied by the rainfall of the outer ranges of the Senchal and Singalila hills and hence its water is warmer and clearer except in the height of the rains. [...] The rivers to the west of the Tista the Mahanadi the 13 alasan and the Mechi all flow into the Ganges. [...] the dolomite of the Baxa series the limestone bands in the Tertiary rocks and the calcareous tufa deposited by springs at numerous localities chiefly at the junction of the Gondwana and the Tertiary rocks. [...] The magnitude of a landslip depends on the thickness of the soil-cap the amount of saturation of the soil the steepness of the hillslope the nature of the underlying rocks and the erosive power of the streams and waterfalls in the area.

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