University of Calcutta. Minutes of the Syndicate for the year 1950
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University of Calcutta. Minutes of the Syndicate for the year 1950




approving the constittion of the Governing Body of the college which was first framed in 1918 as the letter in question cannot be traced from the records of the college and as he has been asked by the Director t. f Public Instruction to get a copy of the letter from the University. [...] Resolved—That the Syndicate recommend to the Senate that in extension of affiliation already granted the Bethune College Calcutta be affiliated in History to the B. A. (Hons.) standard and in Alternative Bengali to the B. A. (Hons.) standard with effect from the commencement of the session 3951-52 with permisbion to present candidates for the examination in the subjects from 1953 and not earlier [...] Read a letter dated the 1st September 1950 from the Secretary Council of Post-Graduate Teaching in Arts forwarding 175 copies of each of the Printed Proceedings of the Councils of Post-Graduate Teaching in Arts (i) ordinary and (ii) special dated the 10th July 1950 together with 175 copies each of the Proceedings of the Executive Comittee dated the 18th December 1948 and 10th March [...] 50-884 dated the 9th September 19S0 from the Secretary Medical _Council of India stating that the Executive Committee of the Council considered at the last meeting the report of the Ad hoc Committee recommending material changes in the Medical curriculum and decided to forward the arctic to the various Universities for their comments and that it was further decided to request the Universitie [...] in the General Secretary of the Algerian Organising Comittee of the 19th International Geological -Congress Algiers stating that the Organising Committee of the 19th Unernational Geologic 61 Congress which is to be held in Algiers in 1952 is to ensure the widest possible circulation of the first circular anouncing the Congress and requesting this University to intimate the..names and addr

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