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Calcutta University Commission 1917-19. Report - Evidence and Documents Statistics Relating to Colleges




STATEMENT III— Localities from which students are drawn STATEMENT IV— Number of Muslim students in the session 1917.18. STATEMENT (A) Residence of students in the session 1917.18. (B) Residential provision for students in the session 1917.18 '1. STATEMENT VI— Particulars of Teaching Staff and Teaching for the session 1917-18— PAGE. [...] v—xii 4 5-9 11-13 16-16 18-10 20 Anemia Mohan College Mymensingh. Bangabasi College Calcutta. Baptist College Rangoon. Belgachia Medical College Cossipur 22 23-24 25 2265:2276 Bethune College Calcutta. Broja Mohan College Barisal. 27 7 Burdwan Raj College Burdwan. 27-2 Carmichael College Rangpnr. 28-20 Central College Calcutta. 30-31 Chittagong College Chittagong. 31-32 C [...] University Post-Graduate Classes in Se:euce Calcutta 88_49 Uttarpara College Uttarpara. 90 Victoria College Comilla. 90 —91 Victoria College Cooch Behar. 91 Victoria College Narail. 91 Vidyasagar College (Late Metropolitan Institution) Calcutta 92-93 Wesleyan College Baukura. 93-94 STATEMENT VIConclilions of service of teaching staff in nonGoverinnent Colleges and Dacca [...] Xavier's College Calcutta. University Law College Calcutta. University Post-graduate Teaching in Arts Calcutta University Post-graduate Teaching in Science Calcutta. Uttarpara College Uttarpara. Victoria College Comilla. Victoria College Cooch Behar. Vidyasagar College (Late Metropolitan Institution) Calcutta Wesleyan College Baukara. 145 148 148-151 151-152 152 152-161 161-16 [...] The following table shows the strength of the staff the average salary of the teachers including and excluding the principals and also the number of students per teacher in each of the colleges affiliated to the University of Calcutta :— Salaries and other details regarding the teaching sta No.



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