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Constituent Assembly of India (Legislative) Debates. Wednesday 29th March 1948 Official Report




The problem is one that affects all the departments in the Government of India and what we are doing in the Railway Ministry is to act strictly within the framework of the no7icv which has been laid down by the Home Ministry. [...] The Honourable Dr John Matthai: The responsibility is certainly that of the Cab net as a whole but the department primarily concerned is the Home Ministry and as far as we are concerned I may tell the Honourable Member that 1 refer every doubtful case (every case on which I am not in a pos.tion straightaway to determine what the application of the Home Ministry's policy would mean) to the Home [...] Pandit Balkrishna Sharma: May I know if the Honourable Minister is aware of the fact that the East Bengal Government refused its employees the exercise of the clause about the final option and if it is a fact whether it is not possible for the Railway Ministry also and the Home Ministry along with it to take into consideration the recalcitrance of the East Bengal Government in this matter? [...] John Matti:Lai: I presume the Home Ministry has cosulted all the Ministries concerned in the matter: Pandit Lakshmi Santa Maitra: May I know if the Honourable Minister has enquired of the different general Managers of the Railway Administratuns as to the reaction that it is likely to have en the morale of the existing Aaff in case these people are absorbed? [...] A. The Caravan of India and the Boy Scouts Association (f) The representatives of the Organisations were invited to attend a meeting at which the cbjects of the scheme were explained.


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