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Legislative Assembly Debates Friday 21st March 1947




*Seth Govind Das: Will the Secretary of the Communications Depar(tent be pleased to state : (a) the manner of inspection of the Railways prescribed by the Railway 3oard; (b) the number of inspections made annually of each Railway by the Inspecing Officers of the Railway Board; (c) the method of inspection adopted; (d) the number of the Inspecting Officers; (e) whether these Inspecting Office [...] ment's consideration are based upon the recommendations of the Krishanamchari Committee a copy of the summary of whose recommendations is in the library of the House. [...] N. G. Ramp: In view of the fact that the Government have their own Storage Directorate and also that the report of the Committee has been with the Government for more than six months why is it that the Government of India maintain even today that they are still cansidering the recommendation& of that Committee in regard to storage and the making of plans for the contruction of warehouses?STARR [...] Government are however satisfied that no inconvenience is now caused to parties by reason of the members of the Tribunal not knowing the languages in which the account books are kept as these are examined by the Income-tax Officers and where there is a dispute about the translation of a document the party producing 'it is required to submit a translation certified by the official translator of the [...] (d) Do Government propose to consider the desirability of establishing similar institutions for the supply of pure milk as those obtaining in the cities in the west for safeguarding the health of the people?


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