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Report of the Land Revenue Commission Bengal with Minutes of Dissent




He has undetaken the general conduct of the work of the Commission the summoning of witnesses and arrangement of our tours and the has been mainly responsible for the drafting of the report. [...] The Commission desire that their appreciation of the services of all members of the staff should be brought to the notice of Government. [...] The meetings at the end of November and in the first part of December were devoted to discussions on the questionnaire and the list of associations Government officiaK and others to whom the questionnaire should be sent. [...] 3. Madras tour.—Pending the receipt of replies the Commission decided to visit the Province of Madras in accordance with the second term of reference which directs a 22 comparison of the general level of rents in other provinces and the economic condition of the cultivators in other provinces with those of Bengal. [...] 5. Recess work.—During the recess the Commission's office was occupied with the arrangement of the enormous volume of evidence oral and documentary which had been collected and later with the collection of additional statistics from all districts regarding the average area in possession of cultivating families the extension of the barga system and other matters connected with the economic c


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