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Climate India 2023: An assessment of extreme weather events

28 Nov 2023

This report published on November 28, 2023, by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and magazine Down to Earth (DTE), sheds light on extreme weather patterns in India. It studies the period between January and September 2023. CSE, established in 1980 and based in New Delhi, is a prominent public interest research and advocacy organization. Down To Earth is an online magazine known for its insightful environmental coverage.Authored by Kiran Pandey and Ranjit Sengupta, the report draws upon data from sources such as the Indian Meteorological Department and the Disaster Management Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It also tracks media reports to highlight episodes when official data is insufficient.According to the report, India experienced extreme weather events on 235 days out of 273 days in the first nine months of 2023 – impacting all states and union territories. The report offers a detailed analysis of these events by season, month, and region, along with their associated loss and damage including the number of human deaths and the crop area affected due to such events.This 52-page document is divided into six sections: Executive Summary (Section 1); Regional analysis (Section 2); Seasonal analysis (Section 3); Disaster-wise analysis (Section 4); Comparative Analysis between 2022 and 2023 (Section 5) and Climate Change Attribution (Section 6).
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Center For Science And Environment, New Delhi, And Down To Earth

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