A language is a structured system of communication used by humans consisting of speech (spoken language) and gestures (sign language). Most languages have a visual or graphical representation encoded into a writing system, composed of glyphs to inscribe the original sound or gesture and their meaning.The scientific study of language is called linguistics. Critical examinations of languages, such as philosophy of language, the relationships between language and thought, etc, such as how words represent experience, have been debated at least since Gorgias and Plato in ancient Greek civilization. Thinkers such as Rousseau (1712 – 1778) have debated that language originated …



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On International Mother Language Day, Indian language editors of PARIBhasha bring together a single story of loss and memory told in 14 different voices, each from a different locale

On International Mother Language Day, Indian language editors of PARIBhasha bring together a single story

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Language Atlas of India, 2011

Language Atlas of India, 2011

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Sharmila Joshi • Translator : Kanchi Sharma • Language Hindi ○ English ○ Marathi ○ Urdu ○ Bengali

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All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), the oldest national women’s organization in India was born in January, 1927 in Poona. But the genesis had actually begun much earlier.

could be adopted for the realization of a common language for India. Resolutions were also passed supporting

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This lexicon was published in January 2024 by Kuviraa India, an organization that engages adolescent girls and young women in civic and political discourse. This working document, slated to be …

foundational understanding of the intricate language and terminologies that shape political and social 14. Misgendering: Referring to someone using language that doesn't correctly reflect their gender identity

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Dipanjali Singh • Translator : Medha Kale • Language Marathi ○ English ○ Marathi ○ Bengali ○ Gujarati

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P. Sainath • Translator : Chitrani Sonowal • Language Assamese ○ English ○ Marathi ○ Odia ○ Tamil

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First History Lessons is a series of books published by the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK). Aiming to simplify and explain important historical ideas, the series has been sponsored …

sometimes they fight on grounds of religion or language. Sometimes people have even had to go to war giving Bengali the status of Pakistan’s national language. At a session of the constitution assembly of Bengali, it was Bengali that should be the national language. Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan, the Dhaka to agitate for the rights of the Bengali language. The police fired on it, killing five students of East Pakistan realised that although their language had been given this position, they themselves

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P. Sainath • Translator : Avilash Biswas • Language Bengali ○ English ○ Urdu ○ Marathi ○ Odia

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