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This provides an overview of the South Asia Archive Database, including details of the editorial board, coverage and other background.

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1953 English

The identity of this Kflkur with the place of the same name on the northern bank of the Colroon in the Lalgudi taluk in the regi( n in which other …

of their contributions free of cost. Books on Indology are reviewed in the Quarterly Journal of the Mythic

The Indian Press Ltd. · 1953 English

Aftii him there are the instances of tens of thousands of the martyrs to the cause of freedom of the fatherland; tlio made the supreme sacrifice staunch of heart and …

hostel Yoga, Ea'tet•n and WcAtern Philo ophy, Indology. Comparttire Religion, Anatomy and Physiology

Government of India, Ministry of Education · 1953 English

In view of the need for coordination of facilities and the maintenance of standards at the higher levels the Constitution has placed on the Central Government the responsibility in these …

study and schemes of examinations, new courses in Indology, the History of Civilizati n, Law, Aesthetics Research in subjects connected with Ancient History, Indology and Archaeology was conducted by the K.P. Jaiswal

Gujarat Research Society · 1953 English

After considering the papers submitted at the Conference and the subsequent discussions this Conference of the research Workers of Gujarat resolves that for the purpose of framing a Plan for …

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan carries out researches in Indology anc allied subjects including Indian History.

BHU: Banaras Hindu University · 1953 English

Our first law-giver Manu has given the highest place of honour to the mother and next after her to the father and the teacher : 3qTarr qkTs1114: qiffsil Itt Mirr …

INDOLOGY AND RESEARCH DR. V. S. AOBAWALA The two most important nationalising forces emerging in our women in India. Here lies the important role of Indology, in which both Sanskrit and Archaeology will serve bear the torch of light and learning so far as Indology is concerned. The task is of huge dimensions, and without break. The full-fledged science of Indology involves a four-fold programme, viz., (1) collection steps are not taken to preserve that VOL. n] Indology and Research 69 wealth for posterity. The scope

All India Oriental Congress · 1953

The Local Executive Committee also published Summaries of Papers for the i7th Session of the Conference and distributed the publication free to the members on their arrival."4 17TH ALL-INDIA ORIENTAL …

10, Bombay-i 61 Dr. Surya Kanta, College of Indology, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras-5 62 Dr. Irach Bali, M.A., D.Litt., Principal, (Ag.) College of Indology, Benares Hindu University, Benares-5 323 Prof by the Conference of Biennial Bibliography of Indology. It was pointed out that a proposal of a 92 publication by the Conference of a Bibliography of Indology." (14) On a motion moved by the Chairman the

The Indian Press Ltd. · 1953 English

The seer first thing necessary in this country is to cheek the flood of corruption that threaten% to engulf the nation and the logical corollary to that is the strengthening …

level." A keen invight into ancj knowledge of Indology is apparent in the analysis of Oldham as he quotes

The Indian Press Ltd. · 1953 English

If those flood-gates are opened through the ntiitetteas of the Government then the millions of bales of unsold Pak jute would swamp the small farmer as well and bring ruin …

1950, the t I k of compiling the biblioraphy of Indology wa+ undr114. a. In 1951. a (.'afuingiw of P.infr basis and the compilation 'of the Bibliography of Indology has been undertaken. The number of books in tit'

Indian Council for Cultural Relations · 1953 English

In satyagraha the aim is to make the will of the satyagrahi prevail over the other by enlisting the co-operation of the erstwhile 'enemy'. [...] In the sixteenth century under …

Dacca University, some- time Principal, College of Indology, Banaras Hindu University. Author of several works

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