Government Politics


Advaita Ashrama · 1952 English

The choice or the motive which determines the choice would no longer be a private choice and in that sense the alternativesrarely have the capacity to become disjunctive except in448 …

own security'. 'One must admit that law, government, politics are phases not final in any way. There

Advaita Ashrama · 1947 English

"If our young men wish to win the respect and admiration of tilg world let them draw their inspiration from the wonderful life of the Swamiji who was not only …

State and a good State requires a good government. Politics, therefore, is important only as a means

Macmillan & Co. Ltd. · 1943 English

Even in the early parliaments in England it was by a shout that questions were decided a relic of which is the practice which obtains even now of the Speaker …

the production of a salutary philosophy of government Politics ought to be and is scientific in that the

Superintendent. Government Press · 18 June 1936 English

Government, Politics and Public Policy.

Calcutta University Press · 1936 English

It is the mirror tben which has to do the poetising of life ; the vital the imaginative the emotional temperament of the poet is the reflecting medium and it …

private '' political bodies but even with the Government politics as embodied in the L^gislative Assemblies

Macmillan & Co. Ltd. · 1929 English

For this we have to depend on what we can glean from old songs and religious writings gathered together in the form of the great works known as the Vedas …

one third of the population is engaged in government, politics and the law, in the arts, in trade, and

The Indian Press Ltd. · 1926 English

Freed they were convinced of the irrationality of now from the oppressive influence of his non-cooperation but because their power of persp nality and the frothy wave of enthusiasm endurance …

not be true of our puny efforts at self-government "Politics in our country", ho says, "tend more and

Ganesh & Co. · 1923 English

The epic 21ON THE SAND-DUNE and the lyric the tragic and the comic the sweets and the bitters all flow together in silence. [...] Why ? The Nemesis of your …

no interest in politics or the ways of government. Politics which makes the rich richer, the poor

Modern Review Office · 1922 English

Rungo Bapoojee addressed the readers of his publication as follows :- The following pages have been written at my request for the purpose of calling attention to the injustice of …

state and placed directly under the Bombay Government. Politics and morality are very often divorced from

V. Kalyanaram Iyer · 1895 English

The first of these enters the cell by diffusion through the porous clay wall while a supply of the second is deposited by the mother wasp within the cell at …

the Professor. Professor Seeley's views on Government, Politics, Religion, were all set forth very' ably

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