Decolonization (American and Oxford English) or decolonisation (other British English) is the undoing of colonialism, the latter being the process whereby a nation establishes and maintains its domination of foreign territories (often overseas territories). The concept particularly applies to the dismantlement, during the second half of the 20th century, of the colonial empires established prior to World War I throughout the world. Some scholars of decolonization focus especially on the movements in the colonies demanding independence, such as Creole nationalism.The end-result of successful decolonization may equate to a form of Indigenous utopianism – given the widespread nature of colonialism, neo-colonialism, …



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Electoral Outcomes The case of India after Decolonization Shree Saha Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Electoral Outcomes The case of India after Decolonization Shree Saha Email(corresponding author): shree@igidr specifically on the elections at the cusp of decolonization (1951) and those in 1970s, to assess short and erstwhile princes of native states after decolonization. The paper provides evidence on the potentially institution, political institution, democracy, decolonization, path- dependence, elections JEL Code: B15

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partition “excludes endless complexities of decolonization as an experience.” Answers need to be sought

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This research aims to document women's migration in India amid reports from activists of great increases in labour migration from the 1990s onwards, along with new and more vulnerable forms …

course central to the earlier policy regime of decolonization oriented and state led industrialization and agriculture of the pre-liberalization period of decolonization. Earlier crisis was typically because land

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Several Authors (Compilation),Iqbal Review: April, October, 2009, ed. by Muhammad Suheyl Umar (Lahore: Iqbal Academy Pakistan, 2009), p. 249.

In my view, this points to the process of decolonization via the medium of language— the English language

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"State Formation and Radical Democracy in India analyses one of the most important cases of developmental change in the twentieth century, namely, Kerala in southern India, and asks whether insurgency …

by Colin Mackerras The Battle for Asia From decolonization to globalization Mark T. Berger State and Society treated separately – colonial penetration, decolonization, and post-colonial rule. Together, this theoretical possibilities of the time (during and immediately after decolonization), or more generally a reflection of the failure coherent ‘state project’ in the aftermath of decolonization so as to carry out crucial reforms. In other

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multiple, conjunctural pressures applied by decolonization on the political entities of an imperial state British and Indian films of the 1930s foresee decolonization in utopian visions of realigned power, holding discussions have been forthcoming about the impact of decolonization on postcolonial nations but reticent with regard the contentiously shared space of imperium. Decolonization was a defining matrix for the conduct of state structurally constituted by the dilemmas of decolonization. Brit- ain’s decline in global power had created

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and Africa was quite exciting because of the decolonization there. Did this catch you at all, or what about

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gov/item/mfdipbib001285 decided to move towards rapid, rapid decolonization. they moved in effect towards freeing all of

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Several Authors (Compilation),Iqbal Review: April, 1997, ed. by Waheed Qureshi (Lahore: Iqbal Academy Pakistan, 1997), p. 190.

1978), pp. 184. 90 Edward W. Said, "Yeats and Decolonization," in Literature in the Modern World: Critical

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jecting said aqueous solution to the step of decolonization using modified cellulose, subjecting the decolourized

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