China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a country in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1.4 billion in 2019. Covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometers (3.7 million mi2), it is the world's third or fourth-largest country by area. As a one-party state led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the country is officially divided into 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing), and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. China emerged as one of the world's first civilizations, in the …



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The Emissions Gap Report 2023 was published on November 20, 2023 by the United Nations Environment Programme. It is the 14th edition of the annual UNEP Emissions Gap Report (EGR), …

Studies, Japan), Dan Tong (Tsinghua University, China), Marta Torres Gunfaus (IDDRI, France) and William (IIASA, Austria), Fei Teng (Tsinghua University, China) and Meron Tesfamichael (University College London vary widely in their trends with increases in China, India, Indonesia and the United States of America countries, with the largest contributions from China, the United States of America and the European countries or regions) India Rest of world EU27 China Russian Federation Rest of G20 United States of

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First History Lessons is a series of books published by the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK). Aiming to simplify and explain important historical ideas, the series has been sponsored …

then they were on good terms with China too. If both the USA and China had stepped up to help Pakistan

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says.The book highlights how the culture of including tea in our routines here in India came from China, travelling through Japan, Korea and Vietnam. From these Asian countries, tea reached Europe via Dutch

Apparently, this was how tea was discovered in China, from where the habit of drinking tea spread to even historians say that tea was first drunk in China, about 1,600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ years for tea to travel across the Great Wall of China. People in Japan and Korea began drinking tea in Thousands of cases of tea would be exported from China to England. But the British were constantly at willing to meet the conditions set by the other. China was demanding silver in exchange for tea, while

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The State of India’s Birds (SoIB) is a periodic, national-level examination of the distribution range and abundance trends of Indian birds that aids in formulating conservation plans. The SoIB last …

East as revealed by colour marking in Russia and China. 30 Birds feed on a variety of food. Some feed primarily

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This report was published by the World Economic Forum, Switzerland, on June 20, 2023. The Global Gender Gap Report was first published in 2006 and this 2023 edition is the …

680 █ -0.010 -6 106 Cyprus 0.678 █ -0.018 -13 107 China 0.678 █ -0.004 -5 108 Vanuatu 0.678 █ +0.008 +3 populous countries such as Azerbaijan, India and China all score below the 95% mark. Global Gender Gap reverse is true. For Viet Nam, Azerbaijan, India and China, the relatively low overall rankings on the Health over last edition) and below 90% for Viet Nam, China and Azerbaijan. Finally, the Political Empowerment populous countries such as India, Türkiye and China have less than 7% ministers who are women and countries

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The Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) published this report on June 12, 2023. This is the second report in the series; the first was …

Tunisia Romania Colombia Lebanon Peru Zimbabwe China Jordan Cyprus Ecuador Ukraine Armenia Kazakhstan Türkiye Brazil United States Netherlands Hong Kong, China (SAR) Australia Japan Singapore New Zealand Uruguay 2017–2022 79.74 52.39 20.26 59.03 24.32 35.88 55.53 China 2017–2022 91.81 68.42 8.19 57.80 21.07 56.49 74 91 92.76 1.09 76.13 60.00 72.09 88.11 Hong Kong, China (SAR) 2017–2022 80.59 55.36 19.41 50.37 18.48 42

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The Gaița has a wide area, represented by all the Palearctic region (Europe, north Africa, Russia, China) and part of the Oriental region (India). Garrulus glandarius brandtii is widespread in the Ural Mountains Gaița are un areal larg, reprezentat de toată regiunea palearctică (Europa, nordul Africii, Rusia, China) și o parte din regiunea orientală (India). Garrulus glandarius brandtii este răspândită în Munții

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Specie de cuc răspândită în India, China și sud-estul Asiei. Specie parazită reproductiv, care depune un singur ou, spre deosebire de alte specii de cuc și parazitează cuiburile de corvidae. Populația

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răspândită în India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladeș, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailanda, Vietnam, Cambodgia, Laos și China. Acestea sunt păsări de păduri deschise și păduri de foioase, de parcuri și grădini sub 1000 m altitudine

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Old World stir, reproducing in tropical Asia from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka east to China, Indonesia, but also in Australia. It is mainly resident, however, some birds from the north migrate care se reproduce în Asia tropicală din Bangladesh, Pakistan, India și Sri Lanka la est, până la China, Indonezia, dar și în Australia. Este în principal rezident, însă, unele păsări din nord migrează

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