Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil; Brazilian Portuguese: [bɾaˈziw]), officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil), is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. At 8.5 million square kilometers (3.2 million square miles) and with over 211 million people, Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country by area and the sixth most populous. Its capital is Brasília, and its most populous city is São Paulo. The federation is composed of the union of the 26 states and the Federal District. It is the largest country to have Portuguese as an official language and the only one in …



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The Emissions Gap Report 2023 was published on November 20, 2023 by the United Nations Environment Programme. It is the 14th edition of the annual UNEP Emissions Gap Report (EGR), …

[COPPE], Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Contributing authors: Taryn Fransen (World Resources William Wills (Centro Brasil no Clima, Brazil; Eos Consulting, Brazil) Chapter 6 Lead authors: Narasimha Dutra Saraiva (Getulio Vargas Foundation [FGV], Brazil), Ashwin Gambhir (Prayas Energy Group, India) Mercedes Bustamante (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil) Contributing authors: Holly Buck (State University (COPPE, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Stephanie Roe (World Wide Fund for Nature [WWF]

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This report was published by the World Economic Forum, Switzerland, on June 20, 2023. The Global Gender Gap Report was first published in 2006 and this 2023 edition is the …

Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 0.730 █ -0.004 -5 57 Brazil 0.726 █ +0.030 +37 58 Panama 0.724 █ -0.019 -18 0.993 71 Mauritius 0.993 72 Singapore 0.993 73 Brazil 0.992 Rank Country Score (0–1) 1 Liberia 0.895 the 0.676 84 Costa Rica 0.676 85 Panama 0.674 86 Brazil 0.670 87 Indonesia 0.666 88 Germany 0.665 89 Malaysia Ecuador 0.278 54 Nepal 0.276 55 El Salvador 0.265 56 Brazil 0.263 57 Jamaica 0.263 58 Barbados 0.256 59 India Belarus 0.980 1 Belize 0.980 1 Botswana 0.980 1 Brazil 0.980 1 Cabo Verde 0.980 1 Dominican Republic 0

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The Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) published this report on June 12, 2023. This is the second report in the series; the first was …

Ecuador Ukraine Armenia Kazakhstan Morocco Türkiye Brazil United States Netherlands Hong Kong, China (SAR) quality care facilities for civil servants, as in Brazil, Chile and the Domin- ican Republic—also helps 2017–2022 90.90 57.11 9.10 38.55 21.95 37.97 82.06 Brazil 2017–2022 84.45 47.42 15.55 39.91 9.75 31.06 75

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The State of the World’s Children is an annual report published by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) since the year 1980. Each edition aims to promote awareness on key …

Equity in Health, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil, December 2022. In the poorest households, just Germany Canada Finland Denmark Mali Romania Türkiye Brazil Poland Austria Indonesia Cyprus France Greece Czechia Madagascar Mozambique Nigeria Ethiopia Chad Indonesia Brazil Afghanistan Cameroon Democratic Republic of the community health agent in the Amazon region of Brazil, waves goodbye to a family after a visit to check

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This report was published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in April 2023. It is the seventh edition of UNODC’s biennial Global Report on Trafficking in …

America Argentina Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Paraguay Peru Uruguay Tajikistan USA Germany Uruguay Azerbaijan Guatemala Brazil Albania Colombia Nigeria Republic of Moldova India

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This report was published in February of 2023 by Access Now for the #KeepItOn coalition. The report is authored by Zach Rosson, Felicia Anthonio, Carolyn Tackett, and the Access Now …

Latin America and the Caribbean 23 Cuba 24 Brazil 24 Middle East and North Africa 25 Platform Uzbekistan: 2 Algeria: 1 Armenia: 1 Azerbaijan: 1 Brazil: 1 China: 1 Ethiopia: 1 Iraq: 1 Nigeria: 1 Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, India, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan with five shutdowns in 2022 tied to elections in Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uganda. the months leading up to elections, as we saw in Brazil, during inaugurations or protests surrounding

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This report was published by Oxfam International, UK, on January 16, 2023. It was written by Martin-Brehm Christensen, Christian Hallum, Alex Maitland, Quentin Parrinello and Chiara Putaturo –researchers working with …

those with the highest incomes. For example, in Brazil, the marginal PIT rate is set at 27.5% for total taxed at 41.7% on average in OECD countries.229 In Brazil, for example, dividends are not taxed, so professionals

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The International Labour Office of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, released this report on January 16, 2023. Written by Daniel Samaan, Ekkehard Ernst, Miguel Sanchez Martinez, Richard Horne and …

labour productivity growth: G7 countries versus Brazil, China and India (percentages) 93 3.3. Average

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"LL File No. 2023-022007" "February 2023" Includes bibliographical references. Description based on online resource, PDF version; title from cover (LOC, viewed July 26, 2023)

From Outside the Country Argentina • Australia • Brazil • Canada • China Germany • India • Italy • Japan outside of the country for political asylum only. Brazil, as a party to the Convention on Diplomatic Asylum Brazil No Yes Asylum in Brazil can be diplomatic or territorial the national territory and requests asylum in Brazil. It is a discretionary act and will Lei No. 13 refugee considered dangerous to the security of Brazil. Petitioning for Humanitarian Protection From

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"LL File No. 2023-022255." "June 2023." "Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Mexico

........................................ 16 Brazil .............................................. Poland (permit required), and Russia. Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey restrict ownership of rural or local jurisdictions are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Finland, Germany public policy interests. Belgium N Y None. Brazil Y Y Acquisition of rural property by an alien limiting foreigners’ rights to own land. Brazil In Brazil, Law No. 5,709 of October 7, 2021, regulates

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