cover image: Monk Musicians, another view


Monk Musicians, another view


Closer view of a procession of monk musicians at Tumlong monastery carrying banners (phang tshar) and playing dung-chen (long trumpets) and dung-dkar (conch). In the background are the thatched buildings of the monastry. [JD 21/4/2008]On Cech"s list describing prints:"F. W. became Political Officer in Sikkim on January 4th, 1933.(Photos 1-30 were taken in and around Gangtok).21. "At Tumlong monastery 28. -29.3.33"See gi: Tumlong21d/e/f/h/l/m. Monk musicians in procession carrying banners (phang tshar) and playing instruments: long trumpet (dung-chen), cymbals (rol-mo), drums (rnga), and oboes (rgya-gling), conch (dung-dkar). The oboe players are wearing items of clothing used by lamas on the occasion of great ceremonies and festivities: hat (rgyag-zhwa); two incense bearers wear incense covers (spos-khebs) slung from their right shoulder to their left armpit and holding incense-carriers (spos-phor). The incense bearers generally head the procession followed by the oboe players." [printed text]For more information see Cech"s list.
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