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A Recovery Plan for Bengal




The object of the book is to draw the attention of the Government and the people to the path along which we can progress towards the goal. [...] As the Presidium of" the State Planning Commission responsible to the Council of People's Commissars and popularly known as the Gosplan they are laying down the indutrial future of 146 000 000 people and of one-sixth of the land area of the world for fifteen years. [...] From the considerations of the limited resources of the Province the availability to-day of suitable power and standard small machines the size of organisations and the absence of overhead and transport charges and lastly „ from the nature of social and economic structure in which the agricultural producers have no occupation during the major part of the year it is becoming increasingly appare [...] Lack of organisation and modern methods of business enterprise on the part of Indian manufacturers have in the past been the chief"THE NEED FOR AN ECONOMIC PLANNING 25 causes of the extension and increasing success of foreign competition in the markets of this country and at the present time specially every movement that will tend to extend the scope of the industries of India and help to reveal [...] AS His Excellency the Governor of Bengal has said---"If an effort is to he made worthy of the occasion and equal to the crying needs of the situation the best elements in the community must be harnessed to the task." The essential difference between the method thus adopted and that dictated by the Soviet Union is that while the former rests on the willing coperation of the people the latter


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