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Baroda Administrative Report 1940-41 (1st August 1940 to 31st July 1941)




The southern district of Naysari lies on either side of the Tapti forming a mosaic with the villages of the Surat collectorate and is separated from the Baroda district by the States of the Rewa—Kantha and the Broach district. [...] Maharaja Khanclerao's reign 1856-70 will be memorable for the service he rendered to the British at the time of the Mutiny and the construction of the first railway line in the State between Miyagam and Dabhoi; for reforms which brought a semblance of regularity in the administrtion of justice and of land revenue. [...] The maintenance of land records by village officials the state of the crops the economic condition of the people and the grant of remissions of land revenue when necessary demand his attention. [...] It prepares the budget statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure for the coining year; keeps the Government informed of the chief causes of fluctuations and with the help of the Budget Committee advises Government on all questions affecting the finances of the State; submits to Government a reappropriation report explaining the reasons of the variations. [...] The work mainly consists of improving the food supply of the people by developing both the marine and fresh water fisheries of the State the introduction of new fishery industries and tile improvement of the material and moral condition of the fishing community.


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