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Government of West Bengal. Legislative Department. Bengal Act XXI of 1940. the Bengal Co-Operative Societies Act 1940. as Modified up to the 1st September 1950




(2) If the society fails to make the amendment within the time specified the financing bank may after affording the society an opportunity of being heard forward to the Registrar the amendment which it considers necessary or desirable and the Registrar if satisfied that the amendment is not contrary to the provisions of the Act or the rules may thereupon register the amendment and forward to [...] (1) A special general meeting may be called at any time by a majority of the members of the managing committee and shall be called— (a) on the requisition in writing of one-third of the members of any co-operative society having not more than five hundred members or of one-fifth of the members of any other society; or (b) at the instance of the Registrar : Provided that in the case of any society [...] The 'Provincial Government may on the appliction of a co-operative society and on such conditions as may be prescribed depute a servant of the ''Crown to the sersice of the society for the purpose of managing its affairs and a servant of the ?Crown so deputed shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be prescribed. [...] (1) When a co-operative society is authorised under the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 33 to receive loans by the issue of debentures the principal of and interest on which is so guaranteed the 'Provincial Goverment shall appoint the Registrar or some other person to be the Trustee for the purpose of securing the fulfilment of the obligations of the society to the holders of the deb [...] (4) The total amount payable in respect of debentures issued by a society (including any debentures issued before the commencement of this Act) and outstanding at any time shall not exceed the total amount due on the mortgages the amounts paid thereunder and lbemaining in the hands of the society or of the Trustee at such time and the value of all other assets of the society held by transfer or a



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