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Indian History Congress Allahabad. Second Session 1938 Proceedings. October 8 9 10




The rise of the new school of Indian history is the inevitable result of the resurgence of national spirit the epic progress of the Indian Renaissance the liberation of reason in science and conscience in religion restoring culture to the intellect and enunciating the principles of political freedom and economic equality. [...] The patronage of the governor-general and the enthusiasm of a few genuine devotees of Oriental learning built up a powerful movement in India for the cultivation of Indian classical languages and the advancement of Indian culture. [...] The Madras University has infused new life and vigour into the study of ancient Indian history and the history of Southern India through the influence and ability of Professor Krishnaswamy Aiyangar whose creative work and disciplined enthusiasm for the study of a subject to which he has devoted the best part of his life have won fame and recognition throughout the world of scholarship. [...] Disciplined by the study of the past and trained alike in council chambers and in courts of law they survey the records of their past from a higher plane fortifying their judgments of men and events by a knowledge of the world and purifying their knowledge of the Peshwas with the varied experience of the present day. [...] Of the early pioneers it is sufficient to mention the name of the great Rajwade whose efforts for the collection of materials in the lovely valleys and rugged hills of the Konkan are known to all.



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