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Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India. No. 18. Hindu Astronomy




3 " He thoroughly misapprehended the character of the Hindu astronomical literature thinking it to be in the main a mass of forgeries framed for the purpose of deceiving the world respecting the antiquity of the Hindu people. [...] 371) ; and he notes the correspondence between the Hindu and Greek signs of the zodiac the dreshkeinas of the Hindus and the defrouoi of the Greeks and suggests that the term Yavanacharya refers to a Greek author. [...] 9. There is a very marked differentiation between the works of the type of the Jyotish Vedanga on the one hand and those of the type of the Sci.rya Siddlainta on the other and this differentiation is not merely one of time—it is so fundamental that continuity of development appears to be altogether -out of the question. [...] The sources from which our information regarding the astronomy of the earlier period is taken are the texts of the four Vedas the Brithmanas and the Upanishads. [...] The point of departure in the study of almost any section of knoledge in which India is deeply concerned is the Rig Veda ; and in this India is indeed fortunate for of all the literature of early civilisation the Rig Veda is perhaps the most fascinating to the philosophic enquirer and in particular the Vedic hymns that are devoted to celestial phenomena are amongst the most beautiful.



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