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Jinnah-Gandhi Talks (September 1944)




There was to be no change of the existing constittion until the termination of the war though agreement by the main political parties to work the existing constitution would loosen the deadlock and bring the country nearer to the setting up of a Provisional Government on an equal footing between the Hindus and Mussul-( h ) mans in the formation of the Executive. [...] The correspondence was however abruptly released to the Press so that I should stand on my trial before the bar of the public opinion of the world and of India and especially of the Mussalinans. [...] Even the Cripps proposals had the sanction behind them of His Majestey's Government and His Majesty's Government sent one of the members of the Cabinet"( IX ) all the way to India to personally approach the Congress and the Muslim League. [...] Butl think in fairness to the Muslim League and to myself I must now put our case before the bar of the world opinion and particularly the public opinion of Hindus and Muslims in this land as by the tactics of Mr. [...] This is not calculated to lead to fruitful results or a solution and settlment of the problem which concerns the destiny of a nation of 100 millions of Muslims and their posterity and as regards the merits of the proposal Mr.



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