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Government of India. Planning Commission. Programmes of Industrial Development. 1951-56


It is hoped that in the annual reviews of the progress of the Five Year Plan it will be possible to present in broad lines the latest position of the various industries in the light of the developments that may have taken place. [...] In this connection the manufacture of sulphur from gypsum the use of cottonseedby the vegetable oil industry the exploitation of the fir forests in the remoter Himalayas for the production of newsprint and of chemical pulp for the rayon industry are lines of possible development which deserve immediate attention. [...] The programme of expansion proposed for the public sector of the industrial field is given in Appendix I. The total estimated expenditure on projects both of the Central Government and of the States amounts to Rs. [...] The Plan also provides for the completion of the Chittaranjan locomotiye factory at Mihijam West Bengal and of the machine tool factory at Jalahalli in Mysore State for the expansion of the Sindri fertiliser factory and for the acquisition and development of the Vishakhapatnam shipbuilding yard. [...] Because of the intensive use of the plant and machinery during the war period and the lack of adequate replacements the level of production went down in the subsequent period but since 1948 the downward trend has been arrested and the output has recorded a perceptible increase.
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